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Telecommuting our new reality

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Blog, Press room, Press room - EN | 48 comments

COVID-19 the Coronavirus Pandemic has forced employers to send employees home, working in office is no longer a viable option. Telecommuting simply refers to the practice of exercising one’s job outside the company’s office. Telecommuting can refer to different categories such as remote work, virtual jobs, or work from home jobs all entail working independent from location to different degrees. Service providing companies such as Norak have systems put in place to make sure the transition runs as smoothly as possible. Norak’s interconnected systems and security precautions (NDA disclosures) have enabled its workflow to move online. Making sure all its employees are equipped to work from home with the necessary devices and softwares at their disposal. When telecommuting, working from home, it’s important to keep in mind the following. Prepare your space; when picking a place to work remotely, pick a location that does not hinder your productivity. Stay away from crowded spaces find a place that allows you to work to best of your ability, make sure you have access to high speed internet and devices necessary. Communication is key; remote work comes with a lot of autonomy and responsibility that is not to be taken lightly you are still accountable for your work. Making sure to keep your team in the loop is key to efficiently working from home. Although most remote work is independent in nature collaborating with your colleagues when necessary is important, it’s on you to make the extra effort in contributing equally and establishing regular check-ins with your supervisor and colleagues. Due to the coronavirus telecommuting is becoming a reality for the most of us, make sure to stay on top of things and most of all stay safe.